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Villa B


As we pass through the walkway tiled with matte finish stones, we are greeted by the Buddha statue that further establishes a sense of Zen. Welcome to the opulence abode – the best 4 bedroom luxury villa in Goa. 

Living Area

Villa B, albeit fitted with natural stones, has a more modern feel to it. The living room is tiled with elegant travertine stone and adorned by full-length French windows. It has comfortable couches that you can sink into and relax in. This Villa is completely wheelchair accessible and is equipped with an elevator for our elderly guests.

A V Room- Villa B

AV Room

Adjoining the living room is the Audio-Visual room equipped with surround sound and a projector. Catch your favourite cricket teams battle it out with each other on a huge screen along with your friends and family.


Just like the other Villa, Villa B too has one bedroom on the ground level that opens to the swimming pool. The upper-level houses three bedrooms along with a living area where the families can get together for a movie night or a game of cards.


The Snooker Room is the room of Subtle Competitions! It remains the preferred destination to retire with select company over stiff drinks and stimulating conversations. This is your private lounge and the plush carpeting, mini-bar, overhead lighting fixtures only add to the drama.

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