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About Us

As we live cooped up in cities for most of the year, vacations are our lifelines. They recapture the spirit of the space and our connection with nature. Isn’t it wonderful to have a holiday home that can shake up the monotony and rejuvenate you! Pruthvi Villa embodies all that. It is one of the best luxury villas in Goa for rent. A place where you can reconnect with yourself and your loved ones.

With this vision, Mayur Narsinghani conceptualized Pruthvi Villa. This is a set of two villas, located in the midst of Assagao, Goa. It serves as a vibrant holiday home for large families and groups of friends. The house is an ultimate tribute to enjoy the fine luxuries of life with your close ones! 

When you step into Pruthvi Villa, you effortlessly are transposed into another world. Allow the spirit of the space to infuse some peace and solace into your life and coax you into letting go of your world and letting yourself into a different world altogether.

An Overview of The Villa

Is there a better way to enjoy Goa than to let yourself be lost in a Massively Beautiful Space made with a blend of Goan and Mediterranean architecture. This experience promises to be a great escape from city life.

These 2 villas are spread across the heart of Goa. 

The villa reflects sophistication and panache of modern and colonial architecture.

A linear planning scheme which focuses on the functionality of the residence.

The Layout

Royal wooden gates welcome you into the serene experience at Prithvi Villa. As you walk through the main entrance, the red laterite stones lead you down a flight of stairs to

1. 5 BHK Villa A and
2. 4 BHK Villa B.

This 8000 square feet of spacious living has 2 entry gates. The Main Entrance Gate is accessible from the Anjuna -Mapusa Main Road. A pool separates both the villas and is the center of attraction of the property.

Pruthvi Villa- B
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